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Accepting card payments not only makes it easier for customers to buy on impulse, it increases sales potential, attracts new customers and improves security, through a reduction in cash taken. It is therefore an essential asset for all pub owners. Worldpay processes almost 1 in 2 card transactions in the UK and has a proven track record of over 20 years - 82% of Worldpay customers would recommend their service1. Furthermore Worldpay terminals are easy to use and most can be self-installed through their online centre. But most importantly Worldpay offer customers excellent cost savings. 

(1Worldpay CSI survey completed on behalf of Worldpay by Consensus Research in December 2012. Data collected November 2012)

To ensure our enhanced trading discounts are applied to your account, please quote LSG Purchasing if contacting this supplier direct.



  • Joining fee waived
  • Competitive rates dependent on annual card turnover
  • Pay As You Go option for ‘new to cards’ customers
  • Worldpay Benefits Club—Free for 12 months—save up to £8k on 100s of





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See what LSG members have had to say about our cost-cutting abilities!

Working with LSG really helps take some of the hassle of running your business away.

"I'm constantly on the go and don't always have the time to shop around for things I need for my pub. When I got the call from LSG, I was really impressed with the speed and quality of their service.

They quickly compared prices and came back with a deal that was 5% cheaper than anyone else."

Mark Turner, The Bear, Rugby

Barclaycard rates through LSG a whole lot cheaper than I could get elsewhere.

"I run a busy pub with a bustling bar which attracts a lot of tourists. We might be in a quaint setting but technology is all important, particularly to make paying quick and easy. 

I was shopping around for a new PDQ system.I was also delighted with the Barclaycard customer service, which was very quick. The new system arrived within two days of my ordering it. LSG were fantastic throughout."

Glen Royston, The Woolpack, Esholt

LSG have more clout in the market. They also have great customer service, keeping me updated with all their latest deals.

"I've worked with LSG for over a decade and feel the benefits as strongly today as I have ever done. Many other local pubs have fallen by the wayside, One of the reasons I've gotten through the recession has been the help I've had from LSG in keeping my costs down.

With LSG, I can buy everything from energy to crisps and snacks at better prices than I could get myself.

Mark Malin, The Golden Cross

Frequently asked questions

Contact LSG Purchasing and they will send your contact details to the supplier informing them that you are an LSG Purchasing member and the supplier will contact you by phone to offer you a quote.

Please make sure you have a month’s worth of invoices or a statement from your present supplier so that you can compare prices.

The call will take 10 mins if you have your present suppliers invoice or statement to be able to give your current rates/prices.