Summer Spirits: Capturing the Season’s Peak in Spirit and Cocktail Sales

Diving into the summer months, it’s worth remembering that this time of year is the peak for spirit and cocktail sales. As people flock to beaches, parks, and outdoor events, they are often looking for refreshing and delicious drinks to accompany their activities or to end off a fun day in the British summer sun, when it finally arrives. 

For many, there’s nothing quite like a perfectly crafted cocktail to round off a summer day. As an owner or manager in the hospitality industry, it’s important to take advantage of the increased demand during this time of year. 

Take a look at more ideas and tips for capitalising on the heightened interest in cocktails and spirits during the summer season that will satisfy customers, and increase revenue. 

Cocktails are a summertime opportunity not to be missed

Spirit and Cocktail Sales

Summer is an ideal time to focus on spirit and cocktail sales while experimenting with new combinations and serves, as customers are often more willing to try something new. Take advantage of the season to showcase colourful and creative drink presentations that cater to your customers’ tastes. Make sure to highlight your latest cocktail creations on your menu, website, and social media channels to entice curious customers and drive sales growth.

It’s also important to take a closer look at cocktail trends that are popular during the summer. In recent years, drinks with lower alcohol content, like spritzes and aperitifs, have seen a surge in popularity as people look for ways to cool off while staying in control. Offering a selection of these refreshing and lighter drinks can help to satisfy customers’ thirst for something new.

Ultimately, by understanding the seasonal demand for cocktails and spirits, getting creative with drinks menus, and staying on top of current trends it should be possible to maximise the sales potential during the summer months and beyond. 

Who doesn’t love a good gin?

Over the past two decades, gin has experienced a resurgence in popularity throughout the UK. From artisanal small-batch distilleries to larger producers, the gin market has exploded with new offerings in recent years. Many attribute this resurgence to the rise of craft cocktails, the popularity of gin and tonic, and the growing interest in locally sourced and produced food and beverage options. 

With its versatility and diverse flavour profiles, gin has become a staple in many popular bars and pubs. Distillers are experimenting with new botanicals and flavour combinations to create bespoke gins, catering to the evolving tastes of modern consumers. 

Today, gin is no longer simply associated with the classic gin and tonic but has become an incredibly versatile spirit in its own right, offering endless possibilities for cocktail creation.

Focus on a range of spirits

In today’s competitive marketplace, discerning consumers are looking for more than just a reliable category leader or ubiquitous house pour when it comes to spirits. They expect venues to demonstrate their expertise and passion by offering a wide selection of unique and interesting varieties. 

To meet this demand, savvy bars, pubs, and restaurants are exploring niche areas of the spirits market, including flavoured or infused varieties, locally produced brands, and drinks with distinctive mixes and serving methods. 

By offering customers the opportunity to try something new and exciting, it shows that a bar or pub is serious about spirits and committed to providing an exceptional experience. As such, it pays to keep up with emerging trends and seek out innovative products that will set venues apart from their competition.

Mixers make it magical

Spirit and Cocktail Sales

Mixers have long been a staple in the world of cocktails and spirits. Having a variety of high-quality mixers for guests is key to creating that perfect cocktail. In the UK, some of the latest trends in mixers include unique and interesting flavour combinations, like ginger and lemongrass, grapefruit and rosemary, and lavender and lemon. 

The use of natural ingredients and reduced sugar options are also gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers. Some exciting mixers to try include elderflower tonic water, pink grapefruit soda, and yuzu and lime. 

With a range of flavours and options available, the possibilities for creating innovative and delicious cocktails are endless. So why not shake up the usual selection of mixers and try out some of these latest trends? Customers and guests are sure to appreciate the refreshing and unique options on offer.

Create a Buzz

Spirit and Cocktail Sales

To create an online presence this summer, consider using cocktails and spirit drinks as promotions on social media. These drinks are made for sharing and can be an excellent form of advertising. 

To get the most out of social media posts, it’s important to get the basics right. Make sure the glasses are clean and attractive, use plenty of ice, and add interesting and fresh garnishes. By presenting these drinks in an eye-catching and engaging way, it’s possible to create a buzz and increase online visibility.

Encourage cocktail creation and upselling

Spirit and Cocktail Sales

Creating the perfect spirit-based drink can be a thing of simple beauty, but it all comes down to doing it right. It’s important that bar staff are confident in making all of the drinks on a menu – they won’t be able to upsell a drink if they’re not sure how to make it. 

One critical aspect of achieving this is through comprehensive team training and tasting sessions. And why not elevate the team’s skills by teaching them a few simple yet effective tips and tricks?

Easy bartending tips and tricks

Spirit and Cocktail Sales

While not a necessity for every pub or bar, flair bartending can certainly add an extra level of entertainment and excitement to a night out. However, it’s important to remember that safety should always be a top priority. 

Before attempting any flair, bartenders should have proper training and practice in a safe environment to minimise the risk of accidents. Here are a few safe and easy to learn tricks to wow guests from behind the bar: 

Pouring from a can using suction: This is an easy yet effective trick and takes minimal practice. Start by wetting the palm of the left hand (if the person is right handed). Next grab a Red Bull can or similar shaped mixer in the right hand. Flatten the left hand as much as possible with the palm facing upwards, and then slide the base of the can on the left hand, until you feel the suction taking over. After a few attempts you should be able to hold the can upside down with an open palm. 

It’s all about balance: Another trick to entertain your guests is to take a mixer can and pour about two thirds of the contents into a glass. Now take the almost empty can and balance it on the bar by tilting it to about 45 degrees and resting it on its edge. The key is to have just the right amount of liquid in the can to be able to balance it. 

Keep a clean bar: Not only will customers appreciate the cleanliness, but seeing attentive staff cleaning their work area will give a good impression, and create a more welcoming bar area.

Smile and have fun: Working behind a bar can be a lot of fun, as it’s a very social role. Encourage your staff to have fun with customers and the work they’re doing. Not only will they enjoy their jobs more, but the customers will also appreciate the smiling and engaged staff members who are serving them.

Inspire customers to try something new

It’s important to remember that guests will look to the pub or bar they visit to inspire them. They might not immediately make the connection between a locally produced gin and a watermelon-infused tonic – and that’s where the bar staff come in. One key way to showcase and explain cocktail combinations is through menus, chalkboards, or other point of sale materials. By highlighting these unique offerings, it’s possible to entice guests to try something new and exciting.

Ultimately it will be the bar staff that serve as a key advocate. Once a perfectly crafted drink is passed across the bar and enjoyed by a guest, the rush of satisfaction and enjoyment can be contagious. 

A team should be knowledgeable about cocktail offerings and should be encouraged to make recommendations based on guest preferences. With a little training and enthusiasm, it’s possible to create an unforgettable experience for customers.

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