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Strength and Resilience: LSG Purchasing Members Shine Through Difficult Times

Despite the recent challenges in the hospitality industry, these LSG Purchasing members have been an example of strength and excellence as they’ve forged ahead towards success. 

From long-time licensees to award-winning pubs, bars, and restaurants – plus a few newcomers making strides in their own special way – this is an acknowledgment of, and recognition for how the sector, and LSG Purchasing members are able to re-invent themselves when the going gets tough. 

Introducing these members with their stories and recognising their success is a way to encourage other businesses in the sector to reach out for help when it’s needed, and to persist in their dreams of success. 

LSG Purchasing members making a significant impact in the industry

These LSG Purchasing partners are taking their businesses to new heights! Whether it’s getting a bigger space, merging with another business or totally revamping operations, these pubs and restaurants aren’t afraid of change.

Seven Bro7hers brewery have merged with Four Sis4ers Distillery

LSG Purchasing Members

Image Source: SevenBro7hers & 4 Sis4ers

Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co. is a booming brand familiar to plenty of households, and is ready for the next chapter in its success story. They’ve got four thriving locations already open around Manchester, with more sprouting up all over Britain. Their beer is being stocked at popular stores like ASDA, Morrisons, and Co-op – not to mention an upcoming Aldi debut – you’d think it couldn’t get any better for them! 

But now this family business has just gotten even bigger: The McAvoy brothers have joined forces with FOUR SIS4ERS Distillery, run by their real life sisters, for one giant venture into greatness.

After watching their dad brew up a storm in the family kitchen, the seven McAvoy brothers decided to take things one step further by launching an independent brewery back in 2014. 

In 2018 their success prompted their four adventurous sisters to set-up the Four Sis4ers Distillery. And now with this merger, customers will have access to a paradise of craft beers, gins and rums galore – all in one place! 

In May 2021, Seven Bro7hers joined forces with LSG Purchasing and Initial Washrooms to provide support and to keep their washroom experiences on point. 

The Secret Dining Company acquires their fifth site

LSG Purchasing Members

Image Source: The Old Silk Mill

The Secret Dining Company has recently acquired its fifth pub site. The Old Silk Mill in Derby has joined the group alongside other award winning pubs like The Exeter Arms in Exeter, The Devonshire in Belper, The Rectory in Chesterfield, and The Crossing in Burton upon Trent.

The collection of pubs owned by The Secret Dining Company embraces the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a good English pub, but with a difference. They all maintain the charm and heritage of their locations while adding a little bit of fun and quirkiness to their branding, decor and offerings. 

The Old Silk Mill is an ode to the best of British cuisine, mixing influences from Victorian London, 70s steak houses, classic British seaside holidays and off-the-beaten path Derbyshire recipes. They also offer craft ales and artisan ciders sourced from national and local producers for a uniquely delicious experience. 

If you’re ever in Derby city centre, be sure to visit this pub which is conveniently located near the historic Cathedral Quarter.

To ensure the utmost quality, The Secret Dining Company turns to LSG Purchasing Suppliers Johnson Stalbridge for their high-end linen needs. 

Cadwaladers Joins LSG Purchasing and acquires the services of Alliance Disposables

Image Source: Cadwaladers

One of our newest members, Cadwaladers has nine sites around the UK – mainly in Wales and the south west. The story of Cadwaladers started way back in 1927, and for generations, the Cadwaladers served up their secret recipe vanilla ice cream at the window of the Criccieth general store. 

Since then they have opened up a number of other stores where they serve the same recipe which has continued to be a hit with locals and visitors alike, arguably making the Cadwaladers a true part of  Welsh heritage.

The Cadwaladers group have recently signed up with LSG Purchasing and subsequently have begun dealing with Alliance Disposables with a substantial service contract. Alliance Disposables is a leading independent catering and kitchen equipment supplier to the UK, and a valuable LSG Purchasing supplier. 

Reviving the Royal British Legion, Leighton Buzzard

Image Source: The Royal British Legion, Leighton Buzzard, Facebook

Richard Gale, with his background in running pubs, joined the Royal British Legion Leighton Buzzard back in 2021 and he has since been pushing the envelope. 

Sunday roasts, free pool every Saturday from 12 to 6 pm, and various events over the weekends with the newly fitted dancefloor have gained traction among guests. Furthermore, a breakfast club was launched in August of last year and bingo too made a welcome return. 

They have developed a relationship with Hayley at LSG Purchasing who introduced them to Initial Washrooms, providing them with washroom cleaning services and products.

The Moat House

Image Source: The Moat House

Jon Oglesby is the proud owner of the Moat House, whose recent Grade II* listed status has allowed it to become a popular stately home. Built by the Comberford family in 1572, this beautiful Tudor building famously hosted Charles I in 1619 and the Beatles in 1963, and now offers visitors drinks from its fully licensed public bar with an extensive range of gin, real ale, cocktails and wine.  The newly launched Moat House pub quiz is also proving particularly popular among guests.

It is located in Tamworth, West Midlands and serves as an ideal venue for corporate events as well as wedding receptions or birthday parties due to its historic function rooms. 

The Moat House uses a number of LSG Purchasing Suppliers for its needs, such as BOC, Initial Washrooms, Proton, Surefire services, Rentokil Pest Control, 360 Wellbeing and SJL Insurance.

From award-winning establishments to inspiring newcomers, the hospitality sector continues to reinvent itself and remain one of the most vibrant places to work in the world. LSG Purchasing is proud to be a part of this journey for our members. 

LSG Purchasing is dedicated to providing hospitality businesses with exclusive deals from our partner suppliers, to help keep their business vibrant and successful.  If you have an independent operation in the UK or manage any hospitality establishment and want some support in sourcing amazing deals, give us a call today! Together, we can help make sure your business continues to shine bright – just like ours.