Our handy guide for planning your re-opening

What a year… Not long now until your doors should finally be open and customers on your premises once more. We understand this is hard work for you and your team on top of an already strange year, but once again, we dig deep and hope we can get back to some version of normal.

With all you have to think about, so to help you navigate through this ever changing situation, we’ve put together an easy checklist for you to work through or give to your team. This checklist is a practical guide for re-opening and not all may apply to your specific business but we hope this will help you in your planning.

Your customers want to feel safe when they return and this will help reassure them you are ready to welcome them back.

Download Checklist

Good luck to all of you in your preparations. It is a lot of extra work for you all but let’s hope for a better and brighter Spring.

Useful resources

As we know things can change at the last minute so to keep up to date with the latest regulations, we advise you to re-visit the below sites on a regular basis.

General Government guidance

Employee guidance