Lots to celebrate ahead of the Summer

As we segue into May, there seems a great deal of good news about for the hospitality industry as we head in to the busy Summer season.


Easter sales boost helps with increasing staff costs

According to our partner, S4 Labour, the early Easter led to a boost in sales in March beyond what might have been expected for their being an additional weekend within the month – 11.6% when compared year on year. The uplift helped a lot of businesses as the minimum wage increase kicked in, which many had been worried about.

For those still struggling with keeping staffing costs under control, S4 Labour recommends carefully monitoring when your team is really needed since overstaffing by just one hour a week adds up to over £650 a year once you factor in NI and pension contributions! Their affordable rota and payroll tool helps you forecast your needs and avoid overstaffing.S4 Labour's rota and payroll tool can help you save money by avoiding overstaffing


Price freeze at Brakes means stability for independent businesses

Hopefully you’ve already given some thought to your food offering for the Summer, but the amazing news from Brakes that they are capping prices on around 7,000 of their products until October means that you can set your pricing without having to worry about cost fluctuations for the whole season.

Brakes still suffers a bit of a reputation for only offering frozen meals but this simply isn’t the case! Their range includes a vast array of quality fresh and specialist products and their wider support for your business includes everything from individual recipes to detailed menu planners, profit calculators to general cost-saving advice.

LSG members get 27% off the full Brakes range, with minimum orders starting at £250.Brakes Summer menus and special offers


Fast Track Pavement License regime very likely to become permanent

Cast your minds back to the horrors of the pandemic. With social interaction (and food service!) so limited, the government introduced a fast-track system to make it easier for premises to obtain a license to set-up tables and chairs on the pavements (so very Paris!). The scheme, introduced in July 2020, has been extended again and again. It’s currently in effect until September this year BUT, it looks like (with a few tweaks) it could become a permanent fixture.

If you’re not yet set up for all things al fresco, check out Woodberry’s cute and colourful range of outdoor furniture and outdoor shelters – but make sure your wifi signal supports your taking payments across your premises! If you’re struggling, our partners at Langley Compass Group can sort you out.Woodberry's furniture in situ at The Dirty Duck Pub, Stratford Upon Avon


If anything else is missing from your Summer preparation, check out our catalogue which offers extra special deals and discounts, all available until the end of June, including a MASSIVE 35% discount from Nelson across their entire range of commercial dishwashers, glasswashers and ice makers!Extra special savings from LSG Purchasing, available until the end of June