Hosting any events this Summer? Top tips to make your private events extra special.

From gender reveals to christenings, weddings to wakes, a lot of our members host private events in their premises. Our very own Isabel (former wedding planner!) knows exactly what to offer guests to make their lives easier and their events extra-special.

Understanding events
The bigger the life event, the bigger the budget, which can mean more revenue for you. But ‘bigger’ also means more planning for your client.

Doing all you can to ease their planning pressure will not only make running things a lot easier for you, but will also ensure your clients love you and keep coming back, so make sure you understand the basics for each type of event you host so that you can be their guide:

– Timings: Beyond just start, service and finish times, all events need to flow seamlessly, especially where there are specific ‘moments’ to factor in (speeches, the gender reveal, cake cutting etc.).

– Food and beverage: Not all F&B options work in all settings so be ready not just with menus and cocktail ideas, but with clear guidance on what will make service run smoothly.

– Design: Having even the most rudimentary understanding of the 5 key elements to event design (layout, lighting, furniture, linen and serviceware, flowers/other decor) can make the world of difference between you and a competitor.

– Entertainment: Make sure you are clear on what you can and can’t accommodate both in terms of licensing (e.g. live music), insurance (e.g. bouncy castles!) and practically in terms of supplier access and space.


Get the gear…
If you host a lot of events, it might be worth investing in some equipment which offers options to your clients:

– Weather proof event spaces like the incredible gazebos offered by our partners at Woodberry mean you don’t have to lose out on precious ‘normal’ bookings by reserving both indoor and outdoor space for the private event.

A full range of furniture options for clients to choose from might not be in every venue’s reach (more kit means more maintenance and storage!), but  if budget allows, having just 12-20 of a more luxury looking dining chair is an easy way to elevate a private dining event.

It needn’t be super fancy, but a reasonable (maybe even portable) PA system for speeches or background music works wonders for those key moments.

Retractable Roof Gazebo from Woodberry


…or know someone who has it
You’re not going be able to offer your clients everything they want (unless you have a florist, photographer and DJ on payroll!) so make sure you ‘know a guy’:

– Johnsons Stalbridge offer linen hire (including coloured linens for that extra design pop!) for events as well as their unique ‘no ongoing commitment’ contracts for kitchen, restaurant and hotel linens.

Work on building up a recommended supplier list which offers clients tried and tested professionals who you know do a great job, but who also respect your space.


Watch out for Isabel’s ultimate guide to event planning – coming soon!