Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the membership?

Membership to LSG Purchasing is FREE with no contracts. Once you complete our simple Registration Form you will be able to take advantage of our full range of supplier deals. There are a few terms and conditions that we ask you to adhere to but there is no requirement for you to sign up to any deals once you become a member

Are we owned by or linked to any pub company or brewer?

No. We have worked alongside pub companies and brewers but remain fiercely independent in our own right. All member data is strictly protected and never shared without your consent

If membership to LSG Purchasing is FREE, how do we make our money

Whilst our members pay us nothing at all, our carefully selected partner suppliers will pay us directly for the introduction of new business

Can you send an LSG Purchasing rep out to see me?

Our Customer Service Team are available throughout normal office hours to help our members with any questions or issues they may have. Each of our supplier partners will often be able to follow up with face-to-face visit or video call if you require

What makes you different from other buying groups/consortia?

LSG remain independent from all of our supplier partners and we don’t sign up to targets, quotas or other contractual requirements. Whilst we have negotiated some excellent deals for our members, you maintain ownership of all contracts and agreed pricing.

I have tried buying groups before and I can get cheaper quotes going to a supplier directly, so why would I use LSG?

We have 8,000 members and passionately believe that a group purchasing approach will get you the best deal across a range of products and services. LSG Purchasing is able to give you independent advise and also be a first point of contact if there are issues that need resolving. When issues arise we are able to escalate them internally with to ensure swift resolution.

I am already using one of your suppliers, can I get your discount?

Let us try! Once you complete our simple Registration Form we’ll get in touch and see how we can help you. If you are towards the end of a contract or looking to significantly increase your purchase from one of our partner suppliers then there is often the opportunity to enjoy greater savings